Learn How To Check If Your Website is SEO Optimized

Check If Your Website is SEO Optimized

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Now that your website is live on the internet, does your website appear on the search engine results pages when you type in certain keyword phrases? If people can’t find your website on page 1 (even towards the bottom) of the search results, there’s a good chance your site is not optimized, or could have SEO errors.

Whatever you are dealing with right now, it is best to check your website visitor activity to keep an eye on search engine optimization opportunities that will boost your digital marketing efforts.


Check Website Speed

Check Website Speed

Your search engine optimization efforts prosper when your website loads fast. Mobile users are on the rise, and a slow site speed is a bad experience for visitors. Google now penalizes this and will prioritize other sites that load quickly, making your web page harder to find in the SERPs.

A sluggish website causes the following:

  • increased bounce rate
  • poor user experience
  • lower conversion rate
  • poor performance on search engine rankings

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to get a detailed report on your page loading performance on mobile and desktop. Use the given performance score to ramp up your page speed optimization efforts by improving the health of your site which can help increase mobile rankings. You can also use Google Analytics for additional insights.

Track Keyword Phrases Rankings of Every Web Page

Performing keyword research brings you closer to your desired result because it helps you understand what your competitors are using to get the most traffic (impressions) and what words to optimize for. To set up your long-term SEO success and rank on Google search results, you need to monitor whether your target keywords satisfy the user intent.

You know if you’re on the correct path once you know how to track keyword rankings. RankTracker is one of the paid SEO tools to check the ranking of your web pages for a specific keyword and boost your SEO efforts.

This software includes a keyword rank tracker among its many toolkits. It also shows you what keywords your website page ranks for, the keywords monthly search volume , etc.

RankTracker tracks Google SERP elements, Map results, and Google Ads positions for a range of locales and devices in addition to global website rankings.

Rank Tracker App

Assess Your Mobile Friendliness

With mobile-first indexing, Google announced in 2021 that mobile-friendly websites are preferred in search rankings and content indexing.

You can use the mobile-friendly test by Google Search Console to verify how easily your website visitors can use your page on their mobile devices. All you need to do is enter your page URL and know your page SEO performance. Also examine your website’s visual and functional appeal by checking whether it fits on different device screens.

Observe Technical Structure

Google and other search engines can easily index and display your content when you have an organized, clean site structure. As a website owner, this is beneficial when you want to get your blog post to attract website traffic and be included in organic search results.

HubSpot’s Website Grader can evaluate how your technical SEO performs. Website owners can use this free tool to prevent search engines from totally ignoring your content. It creates individualized reports on site performance, website SEO, mobility, and security.

Enter your URL and email to get an SEO score and report (1-100). It offers tips to improve your website’s rating.

Hubspot Grader Tool

Scrutinize Content Quality

Does your content perform well on the SERPs? Just because it’s unique and refreshing doesn’t mean it will perform well on the search bar test. Examine whether your content is what your target audience is looking for. You need to do more SEO tasks to optimize your website content and find semantically related keywords and others.

Search engines understand the value of quality content, and Google rankings drops content with poor on-page SEO practices.

To keep your content quality in check, be sure to include:

  • Proper heading tags
  • Flawless internal linking
  • Good meta tags/meta description
  • Appropriate alt-texts

Examine Internal Links and External Links

Search engines work in mysterious ways. Check your website for any broken links and bad links, especially in the navigation. Check that all article hyperlinks are relevant to the topic, and your anchor text is not too spammy.

You can also hire a paid links finder to do the work. Fixing them will help your site’s SEO with Google by demonstrating to Googlebot that new content is being updated regularly.

Do Search Engines Confuse You?

As a professional Tulsa SEO agency, we can be your free resource for understanding how SERPs work, and how to navigate through this overwhelming topic so that you can start working on these strategies right away. A phone call is free so feel free to contact us or send a request so we can chat about your company’s digital marketing plan.

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