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Terms of service

Updates To Direct Allied Agency, LLC Terms Of Service

Effective July 1, 2021

Direct Allied Agency (“We,” “Us,” “Company,” “Our”) is notifying its customers, subscribers, members and any other entity doing business with Direct Allied Agency of these changes to our Terms Of Service.

This document and its contents supersede any written, oral and otherwise agreed or understood arrangements of ongoing service terms, pricing and/or its working relationship. Please be aware that any customer or client of Direct Allied Agency may choose to discontinue its services with us after a 30 day electronic or written notice. Just the same, Direct Allied Agency reserves the right to immediately deny service to any entity, or to terminate its services with any entity after a 30 day electronic or written notice.

Changes To Costs:

Website Hosting Services ($250/year and up). Depending on the demands of a website, we may charge for, and host a website in our servers or host in another dedicated or shared hosting account to ensure the proper functionality of the website. Prepaid service, no refunds allowed.

Website Files Migration ($200). We will charge $200 for the migration of a website to our server, or an outgoing server. We will charge the same for transfer of website files whether via FTP transfer or to cloud storage of the choosing of the recipient. Prepaid service, no refunds allowed.

Domain Renewal, registration and transfers ($20/year and up). Depending on the class of the domain, Direct Allied Agency will register, renew and/or transfer a domain to us, or out to another registrar. Prepaid service, no refunds allowed.

Website Maintenance Plans ($35/month and up). Depending on the plan required and selected, Direct Allied Agency will maintain and monitor any website built in WordPress. These terms of service are published and updated in real time: https://www.directallied.com/wp-content/uploads/DAA-Terms-Website-Maintenance-Plans.pdf

Direct Allied Agency is under no obligation to fix, repair, backup, update, report on, or interfere with any website which is not covered under our Maintenance Plans.Monthly Prepaid Service, no refunds allowed.

Late Fees. Our outstanding invoices will incur late fees to the customer which become part of the current payment due. Late fees may be waived as needed by Direct Allied Agency. Late fees are as follows: 2% late fee after 7 days of nonpayment, becomes 3% late fee after 14 days of nonpayment, then becomes 5% late fee after 30 days of nonpayment. A 2% additional late fee applies in addition for every additional 30 days that an invoice is unpaid. Late fees are based on the total invoice amount, and become part of the invoice amount, and must be satisfied as part of the payment to continue service with Direct Allied Agency. We encourage our customers to select autopay for their monthly or ongoing invoices.

No Response Penalty of $100 per month will be assessed for customers undergoing a new website or website rebuild with Direct Allied Agency, who do not respond to correspondence or requests for information for 30 days or more. These penalties must be satisfied in order to complete the project and launch the final website or provide final website files. These fees may be waived by Direct Allied Agency.

Unpaid Domains or Hosting Fees. If a customer of Direct Allied Agency fails to pay for annual hosting fees or domain renewal/fees, all assets shall become the property of Direct Allied Agency, and/or incur additional fees to rectify.

Domain Configurations ($20 per task). We will charge a configuration fee to update or change nameservers or DNS settings per domain. The same fee will apply for each task associated with domain configurations including, but not limited to domain unlocking, updating registrar information and/or domain forwarding. Prepaid service, no refunds allowed.

Website Edits ($50 per hour and up). Unless a website is covered under one of our Website Maintenance Plans, we will charge a fee of $50 per hour for all edits to websites. We round up to the whole hour in our estimates. For custom website development, or tasks exceeding the scope of hourly work, we will instead charge a flat rate for the project. Prepaid service, no refunds allowed.

Website Hosting Terms

Direct Allied Agency may offer hosting services to a customer depending on the needs and requirements of the website(s) being hosted. Our internal servers may be used, or we may utilize the service of a third party service provider. Some of our third party hosting servers are not accessible to customers, or affiliates of customers for any reason. Hosting a website does not include website maintenance, security updates, website updates or any additional security of any kind. Direct Allied Agency always works diligently to ensure websites do not encounter any errors. We encourage our customers to sign up for a Website Maintenance Plan: www.directallied.com/website-maintenance-packages

Hold Harmless

Direct Allied Agency will be held harmless for the loss of any sensitive data, loss of business, loss of use or damages of any kind accrued if no wrongdoing can be proven. Direct Allied Agency will, at times and at its discretion, use third party software, systems and hardware to provide services, and cannot be liable at any time for failure of any technology or system. We always work hard to keep our customers’ data, information and property safe, and communicate any foreseen issues or failures promptly to our customers.

Referrals Payouts

Direct Allied Agency will pay a 10% finders fee to anyone who refers a customer to us. The 10% finders fee will be based on the initial invoice only. The fee will be paid upon successful, cleared payment from the referee, and pending no chargebacks or refunds.