Why Your Website Is Not Generating Leads

Why Your Website Is Not Generating Leads

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Many businesses fall into the mindset that potential leads and new riches will come naturally once they get their website up on the internet. The truth is, you need to be clever and put some thought in to your lead generation efforts to guide your potential customers on their buying journey.

In this article, we will share some reasons why your website might not generate leads and how you can level up your digital marketing game.


Landing Page that sell


Missing or Complicated Landing Page

Landing pages or conversion pages serve as the door that welcomes your web visitors from the links embedded on your social media pages, email marketing campaigns, and elsewhere on the internet.

If you don’t have topic specific landing pages, you make it hard for your customers to focus on your products or services. Your prospective customers may get lost along the way or leave right after knowing they didn’t quickly find the things they were looking for.

On the other hand, a complicated conversion page worsens your conversion rate. A messy, wordy, and difficult single landing page distracts your website visitors, who don’t have a clear idea of what to do next.

Here are a few tips for a nice landing page:

  • Be sure the page also looks great on cell phones
  • Put a catchy headline on the upper portion of the page
  • Add a call to action or a form easily visible towards the top
  • Use at least 500 words including relevant keywords
  • Break up text with an image, video, proposal table or some other kind of graphic
  • Divide information into sub-headers or bullet points for skim readers. It makes lead-generating elements noticeable and hard to miss

Poor or Insufficient Content

Poorly written content reduces your chance of providing actual value to your target audience. If the web pages don’t speak directly to your new leads, there’s a good chance the user will “bounce” off your website, regardless of how great your product or price is.

As a business owner, hiring a copywriter that knows how to take your knowledge and experience in your field and present it to the general public always pays off. Great copy (words on the page) can help with SEO ranking, generate more leads and ultimately build trust leading to increased sales.

Pro Tip: Website visitors have pain points they want to solve, and a blog post is an effective way to educate them about their problems, and make your site a source of valuable information.


Poor or Insufficient Content


No Call to Action

Your standard contact page alone is insufficient to encourage potential leads to

reach out to you. A catchy and compelling call to action brings new website visitors closer to fulfilling the desired action. A lot of CTA’s will include a discount, promotion, free gift or download to entice people to enter their information.

Be clear about the things you want them to do. Whether to subscribe to your newsletter, add to your cart, or sign up, powerful calls to action dramatically improve your conversion ratings.

Not Optimized for Mobile Devices

A mobile-friendly website makes the buying process convenient. Most website visitors use their mobile device to search, inquire, and buy products and services- and it’s a miss if your website doesn’t function well on mobile. Always be sure you have a responsive website to make generating leads easier.

No Search Engine Optimization Efforts

Many business owners consider SEO to be an optional digital marketing strategy, or even a waste of money, which is not true. Once you publish your website on the internet, you need to ensure that you have enough traffic to be found by your target market and the search engines.

While your social media presence can help boost engagements with your company, SEO makes sure that you have organic search website traffic to turn a curious customer into a paying patron. Shoppers are on social media, but buyers are searching in Google and Bing.

Start gaining leads by learning more about SEO. You can use Google Analytics to track your website traffic and address the concerns you might spot in the SEO audit report.

There are many ways SEO can help you reshape your lead generation strategies. One example of this is the determination of the demographics of your customer base. You can tailor the message of your website using the information you gather.


No Search Engine Optimization Efforts

Confusing Web Design

Keep your site design eye-catching without distracting your site visitors. A confusing design for websites may be in the form of the following:

  • Difficult to navigate
  • Unorganized page layout
  • No contact details or confusing forms
  • Irrelevant images or content you don’t own

Creating a good site design compliments your SEO efforts as visitors are more compelled to stick around when the design helps them understand more about what you offer. You usually get only one chance to convert site traffic, so be sure your branding and message are clear and your aesthetics are on point.

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