Effective Guide On How To Manage Your Own Website

Effective On Guide On How To Manage Your Own Website

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Many small business website owners think that once they have their website running. All they need to do is wait for customers to come in.

It doesn’t work that way in reality. You need to consistently do something to optimize your business online, like how you clean and repair your car for it to last long.

More than just having your WordPress site or an online store published, there are effective website management efforts you should implement to meet the expected functionalities within your site.

This article will share our simple but actionable tips on managing your website effectively.


Website Maintenance


Basics of Regular Website Maintenance

When talking about site maintenance, it ensures that all the back and front end functionalities work as planned.

It involves constantly following the best practices of Search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that your online business appears on the search bar when customers type a related keyword to your company name.

To break down these tasks, we prepare a to-do list of activities you can do at different intervals in a year.

Weekly Activities

  1. Write content that sparks the interests of your potential customers
  2. Delete spam comments from articles published
  3. Check if there are any broken links on your content
  4. Look for 404 errors and fix it
  5. Update site software and plugins
  6. Run a backup and secure the previous version of your site

Monthly Activities

  1. Check site speed of your website and ensure it loads fast on mobile devices and web browsers
  2. Check your WordPress dashboard if there are too many plugins hampering your direct traffic
  3. Review your security measures and tighten website security by checking a few plugins
  4. Analyze website data from the previous month using Google Analytics
  5. Make monthly reports on how site’s performance on search engines
  6. Check your blog to see if internal links are placed well to your relevant content

Quarterly Activities

  1. Take a look at your website design and structure – is it still user-friendly?
  2. Check graphics and images on your home page (especially for an e-commerce site)
  3. Check search engine results, meta titles and descriptions to check if the keyword research performed gained progress
  4. Evaluate content marketing materials, contact forms, and calls to action
  5. Review management process for efficiencies to see if anything can be automated, such as phone support and chatbots
  6. Review landing pages and marketing campaigns to see if anything needs to be changed or updated.
  7. Restore an old version of the site for backup purposes


Annual Activities


Annual Activities

  1. Update the blog post mentioning a specific year
  2. Audit each page for content accuracy and their look and feel when they appear on search results
  3. Ensure that your website address( domain name) is renewed
  4. Check the validity of your SSL certificate, server security and other site performance matters to your web hosting company
  5. Evaluate the performance of the web host and its hosting service
  6. Find the best content management system if the current CMS doesn’t live up to your standards
  7. Consider whether a web design for your landing page update is due
  8. Review all of your top-performing website content and see if there are updates to be included

Pros and cons of handling your website

Most small business owners don’t usually find joy in dealing with web development and technical activities but handling your website can help you understand the struggles on the ground.

A business owner is not expected to tweak the backend of their site, but it makes a difference when they know how to troubleshoot a problem and delegate tasks to their staff.

Handling so many websites on your own is a learning opportunity to implement plans based on your diagnosis of the problems.

On the other hand, it can be a lot of work. There are technical things you should be knowledgeable about to pull off neat work and save a few bucks.

Maintaining your site may sound intimidating, but the sense of fulfilment that comes with it is priceless. If you don’t have the time and patience, it’s okay. At Direct Allied Agency, we can help you save resources while doing all these tasks for you. Check out what we can do for you.

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