Advantages of Using One Company for Web Hosting and Website Design

Advantages of using one company for web hosting and website design

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all learned that one of the most critical aspects of business growth nowadays is having a great online presence. Aside from putting up different social media accounts, your business also needs to have its website.

However, there are two things you need to primarily consider for your website: web hosting and website design. Some small business website owners outsource these services to two completely different companies. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve streamlined all your processes to help rapidly scale your small business!

Using only one web services provider to communicate with can alleviate the headache of being the middle man with technical information that is sometimes a bit over your head. Why not partner with the same company that can simultaneously be your professional web hosting provider and a web designer?

In this guide, we made a list of the best advantages of finding the right web hosting provider and web design company in one agency to get incredible results.

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Prevents down time and other update conflicts

Any small business site needs to have regularly optimized and updated servers. This is to provide your website with the highest load speed possible and keep it secure. However, there are times when updates may break the site because the newest version has not yet been tested with your website software.

Your chosen web hosting company should be aware of your site’s existing challenges and problems to avoid having a non-operational website. When your website is down, you might also lose some potential customers, eventually leading to revenue loss.

It’s best to have developers, designers and the site host all at one company to reduce risk. It will help them collaborate and communicate with each other in knowing the software versions, plug-ins, website security, and code update your small business website is using.

No More Bottlenecks With Requests

For small businesses, updates and continuous website improvement is essential. Having two separate people (your web host and web design companies) trying to work together can be time-consuming, especially in making changes at the server level.

If you find a competent provider, you can really save time by using them for both hosting and design services. It will give you confidence that both departments are communicating correctly.


Round-the-clock technical support

As a small business owner, you know that technical problems can almost always be traced to routine website maintenance inadequacies. If the same company handles your website hosting and web design, you should never need to determine which aspect of your site went wrong. Their technical customer support will be responsible for troubleshooting the conflict using more advanced tools.

A professional web services company can usually provide you with the following:

  • virus scanning
  • maximum uptime
  • security audits
  • spam filtering
  • OS updates
  • fix security-related loopholes

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Why get professional web hosting services for your website design?

Here are the 3 main reasons you should find the best professional web hosting service to do your web design.

  1. Having a cheap, or free host is an affordable option but usually does not provide SEO opportunities.

Some people prefer free web hosting companies as they think they could save a lot of money from doing so. However, in the long run, it can hurt your business.

When you partner with a professional website hosting provider, you might have a better chance to be more visible in search engines. By acquiring their service, you sometimes get pre-build search engine optimization modules, faster speeds and complete control over SEO practices and content management delivery.

A cheap, shared host can be flagged by Google if many people are launching spammy sites on the same IP.

  1. More security and data recovery

A professional web hosting company will solve all your security concerns. They will prevent your server from external attacks. Additionally, they will keep all your data and files secured and regularly backed up. Remember that your data is one of your most critical and sensitive resources. Therefore, it should be protected from phishing, hacking, or data breach.

  1. Boost company professionalism and credibility

Your website partner can also be the email host to provide email management tools. It will help you look more professional when sending pitches for partnerships and collaborations. Sometimes they can also provide you with a domain-specific email address for your business use.

Final words

Professional hosting will help you attract more visitors and make sure that websites are always up and running.

At Direct Allied Agency, we have many digital solutions, including web design and hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and branding for your business’s site.

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