Optimizing Your Email Campaigns

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Did you know 86% of consumers prefer email for business over any other communicative method? Emails can be the glue forming lasting relationships with your consumers and clients. Not only is it important to send an email within 24 hours of making a new business contact, but equally as such to send along great mobile-friendly content. Are your emails optimized?

Here are a few pro tips to ensure a successful email campaign:

1. Subject line- is it click worthy and interesting?

If you are like most business owners you probably receive numerous emails per day. Make sure your subject line captures the attention of the receiver.

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2. It is mobile-friendly? (This is a big one!)

The goal is to include photos and content which can be easily accessible to a mobile device. If the images are too large or are not properly fit, and the links don’t lead to the correct website page, it can be a turn off to potential business. Revise revise revise!

3. Make sure you are sending from your business account.

This may be considered a no-brainer but it adds a level of professionalism sending from an account created for business as opposed to your John Doe personal email.

4. Add all of your social media channels to your email.

This boosts credibility and allows your client to see what your business is from every angle. If you don’t have more than one social account, consider creating more new social media accounts.

5. Include one call to action button per email.

Does your email provide a good way for consumers to understand what to do next? Example: Click here, call #####, schedule, shop ____ here, etc.

Again, these are just a few ways to optimize your emails. There is great competition in almost every industry out there today and the more time you spend honing your social skills, the more likely you will expand your business.

Happy Emailing!

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