Web Design Trends for 2022

Web Design Trends

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Technology changes more quickly than ever, and so do website design trends. In the upcoming year, we will see an overarching shift that emphasizes all pages are made like works of art. This will mark the beginning of a new aspect in the subtle and gradual pace of sites for both desktop and mobile devices.

What’s New

Read on as we unfold the latest trends and innovative ideas to help you and your website get noticed in 2022.

One-Page Websites

One-Page Websites

Using a one-page website is a simple yet effective technique that gets rid of the drop menu and the navigation folder. While this design trend does not apply to all kinds of businesses, it is a perfect option for resumes, portfolios, and other personalized content.

Art-Deco Motifs

Art deco was a popular trend in the 1920s, and 100 years later, coincidentally it is making a comeback for most websites this 2022. This involves clean, curving lines with repetitive shapes and sophisticated textures as inspired by art deco illustrations and architecture.

Typographic Hero Images

Following web design trends, a hero image must be a statement since it is what website visitors first see. This section eliminates the imagery design elements to allow the message itself to carry the first impression. Web designers must use simple yet bold images to captivate the viewers on the site, while making text prominent and adequately delivering a strong message.

Split Screen Sites

Split screens are unique and unutilized designs that seem to make a boom in the coming years. This uses dual layouts to give a heightened sense of the contrast, visual interest, and natural separation. Using this design trend will give teams a good excuse to use vibrant colors.

Neo-Brutalist Style

This emerging trend is characterized by unstyled HTML, asymmetrical layouts, plain backgrounds, default computer fonts, and untreated photographs. Many websites are made to ensure their own sake of honesty due to the bareness and taste of minimalism of the landing pages.

Black and White Color Schemes

Black and white color schemes are a common theme offering a stark aesthetic. Its increasing popularity jumpstarts creativity while focusing on simplicity. Applying the right effects, such as black background, dark mode, and white space is the key to fresh and top web design trends.

Typographic Hero Images


The small animations are helpful tools for the past few years that guide users through the interactions of the page. The latest web design trends also organically add an element of playfulness to the site to enhance the user’s experience and give them a taste of the products.

Micro Interactions

This is a new trend referring to small-scale animations for more subtle feedback to the users. Its focus is to give attention and to ensure that the site is standing out a little more. A great example includes a change in color or image on the home page or search engine when the mouse hovers over the link.

Interactive Fonts

Texts moving on the screen serve as the backbone behind the interactive and lighter typefaces. A web designer, even without coding experience, prefers the user to play with text instead of just looking at it. This often uses GIFs that transform text when clicked or morphs to a new design when in a hovered state.

Bold Typography

Bold and serif fonts are fantastic, thus widely used in creating websites. These days, there are no rules in typography, giving designers the freedom to play with a little bit of everything. Mix and match the characters with unusual size combinations and add other elements for more dynamic content.


The use of chatbots is a web design trend that involves artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many designers use this sophisticated technology to create websites as a norm for a positive experience during simple customer service requests and personal shopping.

Website Design Professionals

The Website Design Experts

Fancy sites are becoming the norm as companies try to really separate themselves digitally during the global pandemic. Even though there is more emphasis on mobile device layouts, there are still a lot of modern web trends available for you to try. Using these new trends will ensure more clicks, views, and eventually purchases. Ask the help of a professional web design agency to guarantee success in your business.

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