Free Search Engine Optimization Tips for Local Businesses

Free SEO Tips

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Most business owners consider search engine optimization (SEO) as an expensive marketing technique. That is not always the case because it is becoming increasingly less expensive to hire a SEO agency. Also, you can implement some basic SEO practices by yourself. Some of these SEO basics can easily get your website ranking in local search results.

Since most of us use Google, we understand that Google is the gold standard for search engines. With that being said, you have to abide by Google best practices and abide by their guidelines if you’re going to generate traffic and leads from the internet, so we wrote this article with that in mind. The following are some free SEO tips that can help your website rank well in search engine results.

First Thing’s First…Have A Website!

Before you can expect to compete with other reputable local businesses on the internet, you need a website. Not only is it vital to have a web domain to help represent your company online, it’s also a very important factor when potential customers are comparing you to others. No website usually means no sale. A social media presence is very important, but needs to be tied in to your site for the best trust within Google’s algorithm.

Use Google My Business and Online Directories

It is advisable to list your website in local directories, business discovery websites, and on Google My Business. That will help you kick start your local SEO campaigns. This can improve your chances of showing up in Google Maps, Local Finder, and organic rankings. The map pack is a section that shows the results of local businesses that are related to the user’s query in a map and pin format. To apply for GMB, you need to first verify that you are the owner or administrator of the company. It is also important to get your business ranked on online discovery websites like Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor, and Yelp.

Create Local Content

If your company has branches spread out in different locations, it is advisable to create a distinct page for each location, which can help you appear in all locations. When writing content, you should use location-specific keywords to help you rank higher. Also, if you have different phone number and address for the different business locations, you should mention the same correctly. It is a good idea to pay attention to what is happening locally and try to write about what is ongoing locally. That will keep your potential customers engaged.

Focus on Getting Positive Reviews

It is important to get positive reviews from your customers in order to show that your business is dependable and can help increase traffic to your website and even convert your site visitors into customers. Studies show that over 80% of people trust online reviews in the same way as they trust personal recommendations.

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