When creating a full marketing plan, including personal conversations with customers and potential buyers is crucial. The Direct Allied phone team are highly trained sales and service professionals dedicated to your company. We reach out to your audience to gain feedback and insight, upselling, processing orders, customer service and more.


We contact your hot and warm leads and customers to have strategic conversations with them to gain insight into buying habits, then we educate them further on your company, product and service to encourage future orders.

We work with domestic, neutral toned agents with experience in call centers, sales and customer service in order to engage your buyers and strengthen the relationship to boost loyalty.


Our upbeat team can answer and process practically any type of incoming call. Whether it be placing an order, saving potential refunds or basic customer service, Direct Allied acts and thinks like you and your business to maximize profitability.

Our phone agents are highly trained to put the customer first, speak professionally and always try to convert every conversation into revenue.

Taking important notes as he answers a call from a client.


With Direct Allied Agency, you can have your own remote receptionist screening your calls, setting and confirming your appointments, even collecting outstanding invoices.

You can also call in to your personal assistant for things like calendar entries, research projects or to book a hotel.


NO. We’ve owned call centers and since we’re in the industry we see the latest trends. We work with remote agents who are more disciplined and responsible. Without distractions, we simply get more done.