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REMOTE Assistant


Now you can have your own remote receptionist screening your calls, setting and confirming your appointments, even collecting outstanding invoices

You can also call in to your assistant for things like calendar entries, research projects or to book a hotel


Great for

Insurance agents

• Real estate agents

• Sole proprietorships



We keep your customers engaged by offering promotions, cross selling and making routine follow up calls

Let us worry about the scripts and tests as we accurately measure your voice marketing campaigns

Our creative team can design virtually any promotion


Great for

• Online sellers

• Automobile dealers



Placing orders or handling your overflow or after hours calls, we fully train and educate our team on who you are or what you sell

Stop sending potential sales to voicemail


Great for

• Medical / dental offices

• Mass mail marketing

• Restaurants

• Peak hour overflow

NO. We've owned call centers, we're in the industry so we see the the latest trends. We work with remote agents who are more professional. Without distractions, we simply get more done.



"Direct Allied is a well oiled machine that has created multiple phone campaigns to help me connect to more quality clients and generate more sales than I ever could have done by myself."


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